There are a lot of designs in sheds which we choose for our homes. They are different in shapes and different from each other in styles, materials and have different functions. These shed serve the ultimate goals. Some types are popular in market and famous among the people. Go here for more information about  American barns. 

  1. Gambrel or Barn Shed

Gambrel and barn shed are beautiful pleasant and appealing for outdoor areas. They look beautiful and attractive. Gambrel sheds have a stylish roof and this roof has slopes which looks a bit old fashioned and give a barn type look. It does not looks like a barn as it is not as large in area as barn and they are small in size but its head covers extra space than any other shed they gave enough storage options. If someone is interested to install a barn style shed then this choice is best for those people.

  1. Gable Shed

Gable shed are simple shed with beautiful clear lines on it and have plenty storage space. It is best choice for backyard and in is inexpensive so majority people like it as it has cheap price and simple and beautiful design. This design make backyard better-looking because this design matches with the backyard tools such as gardening tools. If someone is not willing for a big shed with a lot of maintenance then this shed is for those people.

  1. Lean-to or Mono-slope Shed

This shed is different from all others sheds as it has only one slope on the roof. This shade also provides protections from harsh weather like snow and heavy rain. This shed is made according to the weather elements. It is small in size and covers less space as compared to other sheds.

  1. Saltbox or Quaker Shed

These shed styles consist of a long sloped head roof from back and a short menace roof on front. It makes beautiful aesthetic style as this design contains windows with shutters too. And this design also offers wide range of sizes which provides length and depth, this design is also a combination of style and space. So if someone wants a design includes style and outdoor storage then it’s a perfect model for them.

  1. New England Shed

New England sheds are larger than other sheds of the list. They also differ in sizes. This design is a mixture of simple lines, sufficient storage and architect. So this backyard design is a perfect blend of space and style and it will make backyard looks great.


All sheds have advantages and disadvantages which people need to search for. So if someone is looking for professional shed builder then wide span sheds can help people to find the best sheds for home.