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Starbuzz Shisha | Starbuzz Flavored Tobacco

Attempt the Premium line of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco and join the greatest development the hookah world has found in years. Blue Mist, Code 69, Melon Blue, and Tangerine Dream make up some of Starbuzz Premium’s most well known hookah flavors. In any case, prominence isn’t all that matters. Starbuzz ascended in the positions by offering great organic product flavors with that trademark Starbuzz contort. From the sugary enjoyment of Apple Cinnamon to the far-out Safari Melon Dew, there’s no other producer who does it like Starbuzz Tobacco.

starbuzz shisha

Run Boldly with Starbuzz Bold

Starbuzz Bold couldn’t have been named better. This top notch mix of intriguing, at no other time blended flavors are only the thing to make your smoke sessions emerge. Starbuzz Bold offers exceptional flavor that shakes the very establishments of hookah tobacco. From the tart shower of Black Peach Mist to the ideal gentle sweetness of White Chai, these intense Starbuzz flavors are pushing limits. Inspire your sense of taste with one of these today!

Starbuzz Vintage: For the Refined Hookah Smoker

Starbuzz Vintage gives you a hearty, conventional smoke. Just experienced hookah smokers require apply! Starbuzz Vintage is blended with a unique dull, thick molasses that offers you a full yet charming buzz. Flavors incorporate Dark Citrus Mint, Indian Spiced Apple, and Tiramisu, among some more. All Vintage Starbuzz flavors go the additional mile to give you a hookah session that is without equivalent. Starbuzz Vintage is accessible just in a 200g can to guarantee you have bounty available to kick back and unwind the Starbuzz way.

Starbuzz is one of my personal favorites. If you are looking for a new flavor to try, I would suggest melon blue. Very flavorful and delicious. Starbuzz shisha is know for long flavorful hookah sessions.

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