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Scorpion E Vapor Hookah Hose | Best E Hookah For Sale

Scorpion E Vapor Hookah Hose

North Smoke Hookahs are notable in the overall market for its interesting and creative current hookah Pipes, Glass Hookahs, Hookah Charcoals, Hookah Accessories, and a great deal more. Presently you can appreciate smoking some of your most loved Hookah flavors from while in a hurry with the new Scorpion E-Vapor Hookah Hose by North Smoke Hookahs.

The Scorpion E-Vapor Hookah Hose Kit incorporates the accompanying parts:

1.One Scorpion E-Vapor Hookah Hose highlighting a 2200 mAh Battery

2.One Plastic 10ml Hookah Flavor Tank (10ml Atomizer)

3. One 110v AC Wall Adapter Charger (Compatible For International Use)

4.One Owners Manual


One of the best elements of the Scorpion Electronic Vapor Hose is the capacity to blend and match enhances simply like smoking a genuine Hookah as the Scorpion E-Vapor Hose can utilize any mix or blend of e-fluid flavors in the market. The Scorpion E-Vapor Hookah Hose offers a 100% Tobacco Free smoking background in any setting. The Scorpion E-Vapor Hookah Hose resembles a customary hookah Hose and uses vaping innovation to create a seasoned smoke-like vapor like a genuine Hookah yet without the fire, fiery debris, scent, or concoction substances. The Scorpion Electronic Vapor Hookah Hose is refillable, reusable, and rechargeable and can be utilized with any E-Liquid Hookah or glass items available.

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