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Hookah Mouth Tips | Best Hookah Hose Tip

There are numerous sterile reasons why you’d need to utilize hookah tips for your ordinary hookah sessions. At the point when smoking with companions, the ordinary practice is to simply pass the hose around. Be that as it may, in the event that somebody is getting over an icy, hookah may not be the best thought. Nonetheless, with a hookah tip, you don?t need to hazard spreading germs around. Everybody can utilize their own mouthpiece to diminish the possibility of offering something awful to the entire gathering.

Narrow Hookah Mouth Tips

fan hookah mouth tips

Fan Plastic Hookah Mouthpiece 

Browse Narrowor Wide hookah mouth tip. These can fit any size hose you may have and come in sacks of 100 tips. They are made by top brands Vapor and Exotica, so you know you’re getting a decent item.

Fan formed hookah tip mouthpieces are intended to fit easily to your lips. These fit most thin estimated hoses and offer an ergonomic approach to smoke hookah.

Have you attempted to use the Vapor Freeze Tip? This wonder of hookah innovation chills off hookah smoke to offer you the smoothest, most reviving hookah encounter. This is an excellent hookah tip that you can reuse over and over after a snappy wash. Match it up with hookah flavors like Watermelon or Double Apple for cool summer fun!

An extra element of these hookah accessoriesis they direct how much smoke leaves the hookah. This offers smokers a more charming, loose smoking background.


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