Yes in every country and in every city irrespective of language, culture or anything else law is the field which requires something called serious skills, education, crazy experience and understanding of the law of that region or country. Knowing that every region or city has its own legal references and sections this field becomes more dry and technical without a doubt this is something important to know for a estate lawyer in Perth that country wide legal matters are different and they have to know everything about it no matter what.

Free practice without money:

Certainly since you are new in the field and doesn’t know anything about the law and field nobody in going to pay. And this is something miserable to work without pay during training period. This is something faced by every small or big lawyer irrespective of anything. Usually the free practice is important and is also necessary for getting the license. Yes! There is no hard and fast rule that one just cannot get pay during training period, but mostly they don’t pay to new comers especially in the technical skill like law.


This is very common no matter in which country you are practicing the law, once you are in the field and facing clients there are situation under which some correct or incorrect decisions drag the lawyer in enmity. This is something very common like a part and parcel of this field usually they are covered from the legal firm. But mostly the free lawyer (who is not associated with any firm) faces this issue of isolation and independence that they can be caught very easily and are considered as an easy target from client’s perspective. Visit for further information regarding drink driving lawyer in Perth.

License cancellation:

In any other field of this field except technical field there is no punishment such as lifetime ban or license cancellation other than the field of medicine. But in legal industry lawyer’s license to practice gets cancelled just like that without a doubt this is something very annoying and alarming. There is no way one can re-appeal in the court of law once the license has been cancelled. This is called strict action against the lawyer. There are so many different sections and fields of law which allows a person to understand the field properly and opt the field accordingly for example: traffic law, criminal law, property law etc. there are so many other law fields too which solves the purpose of becoming a lawyer.

The aforementioned are some of the most common issues which are faced by any or every lawyer in the field of law. There are some other severe issues which are there which makes the situation of lawyers even more difficult.