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Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Tobacco Blend

Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf

Have you met my companion Castro? One of the most recent shisha lines to hit the market originates from Fantasia tobacco and it acquaints another tobacco leaf with your hookah bowl. Castro’s dull leaf tobacco is a private mix of Cuban abandons, it delivers a bolder flavor profile than the standard Fantasia shisha line with a more grounded buzz. The leaves have been barrel matured to give it an interesting flavor in mix with the vigorous Cuban mix. Castro’s is carefully assembled in the USA, and elements a resealable pocket pressed with flavor.

Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Tobacco Blend

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The dull leaf mix is cooked towards experienced smokers and not prescribed for a first time hookah encounter. The delicious dull slice is marinated in seasoning to give a rich smoke to those sufficiently intense to handle. You won’t find that many stems inside these pockets and every bowl can be set up by hand or with the utilization of a clam fork to keep your hands clean.

With Cuban and US relations returning to typical, Fantasia Tobacco has been working diligently concocting their new line of Dark Leaf Tobacco. Capriccio Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf shisha Blend is a hand created Cuban dull leaf tobacco that separates itself from the rest.

This one of a kind mix of Cuban tobacco is selective to the Fantasia item family. Gradually matured in exclusive planned barrels, the rich kinds of Castro’s mix are marinated to give a rich smoke to those sufficiently intense to handle.

Capriccio Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco Blend is the correct decision for those searching for a sensibly evaluated mark that offers a solid and delightful smoke while getting a charge out of flavors just offered in the US showcase.

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Fumari Shisha 1kg Brick | Best Flavor Shisha

Fumari Flavored Tobacco

We have Fumari Shisha in the 1kg (1000g) measure! For those smokers that can’t get enough Fumari, the 1kg size will keep you loaded to offer somewhere around 40 and 60 bowls relying upon the hookah bowl and pressing strategy that you utilize.

fumari 1kg

Fumari Shisha is a top notch USA brand of Hookah Tobacco that is accessible in more than 30 flavors. Each 1kg block is bundled upon request to guarantee ensured freshness while keeping up a solid and tasty smoke.

Fumari Flavored Hookah Shisha 1kg pounch


We’ll this is the name that Fumari Tobacco thought of numerous years back as the 1kg pocket that they use to pack the Fumari flavors into winds up resembling a block, and that is the way the name developed.

Why buy Fumari in the 1kg size?

We’ll, it’s the ideal size to stock up on your most loved shisha flavors from Fumari while saving money on cost. As usual, offers the most reduced costs accessible on Fumari Tobacco items and will value coordinate any substantial value coordinate assurance offer steady with our online strategies that may come our direction.

Hookah Bowl

Fumari Hookah Flavors can be bundled in one of our Utopia Hookah Bowls or Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Premium Clay Egyptian Bowls for your happiness! In the event that you buy one Fumari 1kg Brick you’ll as of now be qualified for a free Utopia Hookah Bowl in case you’re situated inside the 48 touching United States! Goodness, what an arrangement! Simply try to take after the advancement bearings recorded on so that your promo might be added to your request.

Fumari Shisha Flavor List

We should rundown the rundown of Fumari flavors once again for your delight and we’ve felt free to highlighted the flavors that are generally mainstream:

Ambrosia (Popular)


Blueberry Muffin (Extremely Popular)

Citrus Mint

Citrus Tea


French Vanilla

Granny Smith


Island Papaya (Popular)


Lemon Mint (Popular)

Limoncello (Newer season however well known)

Mandarin Zest (Popular)

Mimosa (Popular)


Mint Chocolate Chill (Extremely Popular)


Orange Cream

Enthusiasm Fruit

Thorny Pear (Extremely Popular)

Red Gummi Bear (Extremely Popular)

Spiced Chai (Extremely Popular)

Tangelo (Newer enhance yet famous)

Tropical Mango

Tropical Punch

Tutti Fruitti


White Grape

White Gummi Bear (Extremely Popular)

White Peach

Since we’ve addressed the entire line of Fumari, simply ahead and enjoy your taste buds in some of Fumari’s best shisha tobacco seasons and keep in mind that we additionally offer Fumari in the 100g size in case despite everything you’re inspecting their flavors or would prefer not to put a ton into the item.

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Herbal Shisha | Hydro Herbal Shisha


Hydro Herbal Shisha natural molasses is driving the shisha upset with probably the most energizing flavors accessible to you. A considerable measure of care goes into creating these shisha flavors, and Hydro is devoted to furnishing you with tastes that will shake your taste buds each time you smoke.

herbal shisha

From exemplary blends like the lemon-lime Citrus Twist and Les Deux twofold apple to one of a kind creations like After Dark (peppermint) and Kali Drizzle (grape and air pocket gum), Hydro is genuinely an ace of its specialty. Indeed, even Hydro’s ordinary flavors are a stage over the standard. With names like Black Widow (blackberry), Melon Dew (melon), Jolly Molly (watermelon), Red Lightning (strawberry), and Tropical Storm (mango), you know you’re in for a decent time!

Incredible, Tobacco-Free Taste with Hydro Herbal Shisha

So what is Hydro natural shisha about? Hydro natural shisha fixings incorporate top notch extraordinary herbs that go into delightful shisha molasses. These items utilize just the finest natural herbs and enhancing accessible for your entire happiness.

Brilliant smokers recognize what’s inside their hookah. Home grown shisha is unmistakably not the same as hookah tobacco since it is 100% tobacco free, nicotine free, and tar free. Picking these items gets you an interesting smoke understanding, as well as abstain from paying the high expenses that accompany tobacco items.


Starbuzz Shisha | Starbuzz Flavored Tobacco

Starbuzz Shisha | Starbuzz Flavored Tobacco

Attempt the Premium line of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco and join the greatest development the hookah world has found in years. Blue Mist, Code 69, Melon Blue, and Tangerine Dream make up some of Starbuzz Premium’s most well known hookah flavors. In any case, prominence isn’t all that matters. Starbuzz ascended in the positions by offering great organic product flavors with that trademark Starbuzz contort. From the sugary enjoyment of Apple Cinnamon to the far-out Safari Melon Dew, there’s no other producer who does it like Starbuzz Tobacco.

starbuzz shisha

Run Boldly with Starbuzz Bold

Starbuzz Bold couldn’t have been named better. This top notch mix of intriguing, at no other time blended flavors are only the thing to make your smoke sessions emerge. Starbuzz Bold offers exceptional flavor that shakes the very establishments of hookah tobacco. From the tart shower of Black Peach Mist to the ideal gentle sweetness of White Chai, these intense Starbuzz flavors are pushing limits. Inspire your sense of taste with one of these today!

Starbuzz Vintage: For the Refined Hookah Smoker

Starbuzz Vintage gives you a hearty, conventional smoke. Just experienced hookah smokers require apply! Starbuzz Vintage is blended with a unique dull, thick molasses that offers you a full yet charming buzz. Flavors incorporate Dark Citrus Mint, Indian Spiced Apple, and Tiramisu, among some more. All Vintage Starbuzz flavors go the additional mile to give you a hookah session that is without equivalent. Starbuzz Vintage is accessible just in a 200g can to guarantee you have bounty available to kick back and unwind the Starbuzz way.

Starbuzz is one of my personal favorites. If you are looking for a new flavor to try, I would suggest melon blue. Very flavorful and delicious. Starbuzz shisha is know for long flavorful hookah sessions.

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Fumari Shisha Tobacco | Fumari Flavored Shisha

Fumari Shisha Tobacco | Fumari Flavored Shisha

Fumari tobacco is evaluated reasonable so nobody is let well enough alone for the good times. We persist 30 premium hookah tobacco Fumari flavors to fulfill your hookah needs. Fumari highlights great and totally one of a kind shisha flavors for even the most refined smokers. It is really a preference for the ages. Peruse the choice of Fumari hookah tobacco available to be purchased at Try some today!

fumari shisha

Fumari: Guaranteed Fresh Hookah Flavor

On the off chance that there is one thing Fumari hookah tobacco furnishes with each hookah session, its freshness. Each 100g bundle of Fumari hookah tobacco is bundled upon request to guarantee freshness. Your hookah sessions will be solid and delightful the length of you?re smoking Fumari. Made with premium fixings, Fumari shisha gives you a chance to blow huge, smooth smoke mists that are brimming with crisp flavor.


Attempt the Premium Selection of Fumari Flavors

What’s freshness without flavor? Fumari realizes that a hookah session is just in the same class as it tastes. That is the reason they offer scrumptious flavors for you to appreciate – or shockingly better, with a decent gathering of companions. Blackberry, Cherry, Grape, Guava, and Passion Fruit are a couple of Fumari’s fundamental, delicious natural product flavors. In case you’re searching for a taste that is much the same as the genuine article, you can’t turn out badly with Fumari. Searching for more fervor from your hookah? Fumari offers remarkable hookah flavors you can’t go anyplace else. One taste of a Fumari season like Blueberry Muffin or Orange Cream and it’ll be difficult to backpedal to the genuine article. What’s more, the suitably named Fumari Ambrosia enhance can’t be portrayed in words. You’ll need to attempt it for yourself!

Fumari Has the Tastes You Crave

Whether you’re searching for new tastes you can depend on or an energizing burst of flavor to entice your tongue, Fumari hookah flavors have exactly what you’re searching for. The 100g pockets of Fumari shisha tobacco  contain up to 7 bowls in each. This gives you a chance to spread out the enjoyment more than a few hookah sessions. On the other hand even better, you can simply pack more into increase the flavor. Fumari is about offering you decisions, and we are cheerful to help you make one. So settle on the savvy decision and pick Fumari from


Haze Shisha Tobacco | Best Flavored Tobacco

Haze Shisha Tobacco | Best Flavored Tobacco


Haze Shisha Tobacco has practical experience in exceptional flavors. On the off chance that you like hookah best when you’re smoking wild tastes, Haze Tobacco is for you. We offer three premium lines for you to look over. With a wide assortment of flavors for each sort of taste, this is a portion of the best tobacco for hookah. We’re certain you’ll discover something to like!

haze shisha

Haze Shisha is the exceptional line of Haze hookah tobacco. These aren’t your typical flavors here. Attempt the sweet tang of 5 Cents a Cup (Pink Lemonade) or Frozen Lakes (Watermelon Beverage). You may favor the reviving tropical kind of Coco Roast (Roasted Coconut). Then again taste on Seduction (Citrus Fruits) or attempt an essence of Intensity (Spiced Flavor). Also, what preferred note to end on over the rich Chaitastic (Creamy Caramel Chai) for sweet?

Jazze Pha Shisha is your ticket to great circumstances! Roused by hip bounce craftsman Jazze Pha, this line of Haze hookah tobacco is certain to kick the gathering off. Three extraordinary flavors present a serving of high vitality fun. Treat Apple Love hits that sweet tooth wanting, while Oh Boy Explosion presents phenomenal flavor with a Spicy Sweet Peach. The reminiscent Panty Droppa is a blend of Juicy Watermelon Bubblegum that is certain to be a hit.

Cheech and Chong shisha is for the sake of entertainment partners as it were. Named after the comic drama combine of a similar name, Cheech and Chong hookah tobacco has many flavors for you and your buddies to attempt. Begin off solid with Lite It Up (Sweet Banana Smoothie) and line it up with Nice Dreams (Berry Margarita.) Or appreciate Still Smoking (Red Berries with Hints of Pineapple) for those long smoke sessions.

Try haze shisha today and brighten up your hookah session.


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Al Fakher Shisha | Best Shisha

What’s Inside Al Fakher Shisha

You’ll discover just the finest fixings inside each jug of Al Fakher shisha. Natural shisha fixings contain no tobacco at all and is made with fantastic molasses produced using extraordinary herbs. This implies at whatever point you smoke Al Fakher shisha you’re getting a smooth, dependable hookah encounter made with fixings you can trust.

Al Fakher Shisha

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In the event that you’ve never attempted home grown shisha or simply don’t know how it contrasts from hookah tobacco, Al Fakher Herbal Shisha is an awesome place to begin. Since it contains no tobacco, you’ll get the opportunity to attempt awesome flavor that is 100% tobacco free, nicotine free, and tar free. Al Fakher shisha is accessible in 200g jars that make roughly 10 to 15 bowls every, so you’ll need to ensure you get enough for you and your companions to have an incredible time smoking hookah.

Pick Your Favorite Flavor with Al Fakher’s Shisha Offerings

Home grown shisha offers you the absolute most various flavors you can discover. Al Fakher flavors makes this a stride promote with their home grown shisha by giving exemplary flavors in their most immaculate tasting structure. You’ll cherish attempting them all!

Pick exemplary Al Fakher molasses in Apple, Double Apple, Grape, Lemon, Fresh Mint, Orange, Peach, Rose, Strawberry, and Watermelon. The Premium line offers you the best Al Fakher flavors, demonstrating you don’t have to get insane with your flavors to have an awesome time.

In case you’re searching for an awesome social hookah session, you can’t turn out badly with home grown shisha made by a name mark like Al Fakher. You definitely know the quality that goes into all Al Fakher hookahs. The strong brand joined with the nature of the fixings will give you awesome tasting hookah unfailingly.

Whether you’re requesting hookah discount items or basically restocking your own stash, we need to get Al Fakher Premium shisha to you rapidly and at a moderate cost. Since home grown shisha contains no tobacco, you won’t need to pay the typical high tobacco expense to get the hookah flavors you pine for. So why not attempt shisha?


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