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When to use hookah wind cover?

In spite of the fact that they are normally utilized for open air smoking, hookah wind spreads are valuable inside also. Anyplace that gets blustery is an extraordinary place for having a wind screen, and that incorporates houses. Hookah can be an invigorating side interest amid the late spring months, however it can get really warm with every one of the windows quit for the day. In any case, a steady cross breeze could chill your coals off, and that isn’t perfect. A hookah wind cover permits you to have a cool smoking session without influencing your coal warm.


hookah wind cover

Silicone Hookah Wind Cover



wind cover hookah

Quad Metal Hookah Wind Cover

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Basic Wind Cover


Like the majority of our hookah accessories, wind covers arrive in an extensive variety of styles. You ought to expect a similar assortment from your twist covers as you do your hookah. Our determination offers you many sizes, styles, and shapes to help you have the best hookah encounter possible.Please take note of that sizes may change somewhat because of these items? high quality nature.

Our fundamental hookah windscreens are lightweight and reasonable. It stands 7″ high with a 4″ width that fits over generally bowls. The plan is shrewd and basic, and it will help you smoke all the more effectively. You may likewise pick an enormous hookah wind cover, which offers a half inch more tallness and distance across for bigger hookah needs.

The silicone hookah windscreen is a helpful decision. It is warmth safe, keeping it cool to the touch while securing your coals. At that point when you?re completed, you simply overlap it up and store it away.

Searching for somewhat more style? The Taj looks like the amazing Taj Mahal. Alternately you may incline toward the more composed look of the Pagoda. Albeit both of these have an extraordinary interest, you may think the multi-layered look of the Quad Metal wind cover has what you’re searching for.

Whether you’re smoking on the yard, in your home, or wherever your coal warmth is in question, a twist cover for hookahs can be a significant buy. Pick one today and never stress over your coals again.


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