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Hookah Tray | Many Kinds Of Hookah Trays

Of all the hookah parts, the hookah tray is frequently undervalued for how critical it is. Without one, you could have a gigantic wreckage staring you in the face at whatever point you smoke. Through the span of your session, coals shape powder that can tumble from the bowl. Abundance tobacco can likewise tumble from the bowl. Hookah plate explain these issues and can likewise be utilized to set additional coals. A hookah plate minimizes the general wreckage, making for cleaner sessions to appreciate.

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Sprocket Hookah Tray

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Onyx Hookah Tray

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Star Hookah Tray



Hookah Trays for Hookahs of Every Style and Size

Hookah trays are as different as the hookahs they sit on. Each smoker prefers an alternate size and style of hookah, and you require a plate that will fit your hookah of decision. We at offer a few all inclusive plate styles that can work for most any hookah.

Egyptian hookah trays are carefully assembled and intended for Egyptian-style hookahs, which have a tendency to have bigger stems. The plate are accessible with huge, medium, and little openings to fit your Egyptian hookah flawlessly. If you don’t mind take note of that due to these plate being carefully assembled, the estimations recorded on every plate’s item page can differ.

Chinese hookah tray come in substantial, medium, and little, and also an additional little size with an inch opening. Chinese hookah plate are fundamental for Chinese hookahs, which can be too little for standard plate.

We likewise offer a few premium plate for hookah partners with more mixed tastes:

The Star Hookah Tray is a flawless decision of plate that is high quality in China. Presently you can get cinders in style, as it works for both Egyptian and Chinese style hookahs. Its smooth dark appearance can help any hookah session accomplish that additional interest.

The Vapor Glass hookah plate is an all-glass swap plate for two of Vapor Hookahs’ most well known models, the Gladiatorand the Harmony.


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