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Top 5 Hookah Hoses For Sale Online

Top 5 Hookah Hoses For Sale

Royal Starbuzz Hose


The Royal Starbuzz hose is different from the traditional wide body hose. This hookah hose is designed for everyday use. The tips are made from a coated planted to repel water. The thickness of the hose allows for effortless smoking

Buy Now $18.99


Starbuzz Maximus Shisha Hose


This Starbuzz shisha hose is 100% washable. It has a 21.5″ handle and is designed for everyday use. This hose definitely allows for an enjoyable hookah session

Buy Now $29.99


Starbuzz Aluminum Hookah Hoses


This Starbuzz hookah hose has a full aluminum tip. Feels really nice to hold in your hand. Has a nice weight to it. easy to clean and good for everyday use.

Buy Now $19.99


Khalil Mamoon Long Handle Shisha Hose

km hookah hoses

This is a classic hookah hose, that is very well known. Feels nice to hold in your had. A wide hose that allows for easy smoking.

Buy Now $18.99


Mya Extra Long Handle Aluminum Hookah Hoses

mya hookah hose

This aluminum mya hookah hose is both lightweight and durable. This shisha hose will allow for many long lasting hookah sessions

Buy Now $29.99

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