Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Tobacco Blend

Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf

Have you met my companion Castro? One of the most recent shisha lines to hit the market originates from Fantasia tobacco and it acquaints another tobacco leaf with your hookah bowl. Castro’s dull leaf tobacco is a private mix of Cuban abandons, it delivers a bolder flavor profile than the standard Fantasia shisha line with a more grounded buzz. The leaves have been barrel matured to give it an interesting flavor in mix with the vigorous Cuban mix. Castro’s is carefully assembled in the USA, and elements a resealable pocket pressed with flavor.

Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Tobacco Blend

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The dull leaf mix is cooked towards experienced smokers and not prescribed for a first time hookah encounter. The delicious dull slice is marinated in seasoning to give a rich smoke to those sufficiently intense to handle. You won’t find that many stems inside these pockets and every bowl can be set up by hand or with the utilization of a clam fork to keep your hands clean.

With Cuban and US relations returning to typical, Fantasia Tobacco has been working diligently concocting their new line of Dark Leaf Tobacco. Capriccio Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf shisha Blend is a hand created Cuban dull leaf tobacco that separates itself from the rest.

This one of a kind mix of Cuban tobacco is selective to the Fantasia item family. Gradually matured in exclusive planned barrels, the rich kinds of Castro’s mix are marinated to give a rich smoke to those sufficiently intense to handle.

Capriccio Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco Blend is the correct decision for those searching for a sensibly evaluated mark that offers a solid and delightful smoke while getting a charge out of flavors just offered in the US showcase.

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