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Haze Shisha Tobacco has practical experience in exceptional flavors. On the off chance that you like hookah best when you’re smoking wild tastes, Haze Tobacco is for you. We offer three premium lines for you to look over. With a wide assortment of flavors for each sort of taste, this is a portion of the best tobacco for hookah. We’re certain you’ll discover something to like!

haze shisha

Haze Shisha is the exceptional line of Haze hookah tobacco. These aren’t your typical flavors here. Attempt the sweet tang of 5 Cents a Cup (Pink Lemonade) or Frozen Lakes (Watermelon Beverage). You may favor the reviving tropical kind of Coco Roast (Roasted Coconut). Then again taste on Seduction (Citrus Fruits) or attempt an essence of Intensity (Spiced Flavor). Also, what preferred note to end on over the rich Chaitastic (Creamy Caramel Chai) for sweet?

Jazze Pha Shisha is your ticket to great circumstances! Roused by hip bounce craftsman Jazze Pha, this line of Haze hookah tobacco is certain to kick the gathering off. Three extraordinary flavors present a serving of high vitality fun. Treat Apple Love hits that sweet tooth wanting, while Oh Boy Explosion presents phenomenal flavor with a Spicy Sweet Peach. The reminiscent Panty Droppa is a blend of Juicy Watermelon Bubblegum that is certain to be a hit.

Cheech and Chong shisha is for the sake of entertainment partners as it were. Named after the comic drama combine of a similar name, Cheech and Chong hookah tobacco has many flavors for you and your buddies to attempt. Begin off solid with Lite It Up (Sweet Banana Smoothie) and line it up with Nice Dreams (Berry Margarita.) Or appreciate Still Smoking (Red Berries with Hints of Pineapple) for those long smoke sessions.

Try haze shisha today and brighten up your hookah session.


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