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The four hose hookah was designed to address the issues of the cutting edge hookah beau. Customarily, hookah was intended to be appreciated with a solitary hose. However, these days, where parties are a noteworthy piece of how we invest our free energy, a four hose hookah is consummately suited for our necessities! Various hoses permits you to welcome over a much bigger gathering of companions to appreciate hookah.

Delirium 4 Hose Hookah

4 hose hookah

The Delirium is a decorative Hookah model portraying a simple, yet elegant style that fits perfectly in any type of setting. This Hookah is stored in a retail style box for easy travel and protection. The Delirium may be converted from a four hose Hookah to a three hose, two hose, or one hose Hookah by utilizing the included stem adapters that contain the auto-seal system. The Auto Seal system eliminates the need to use rubber stoppers and flip caps when there are multiple users smoking the Hookah. Enjoy an excellent quality smoking experience in a truly remarkable Hookah pipe.

There’s no holding up included with a four hose hookah! A four hose hookah abstains from encountering any downtime when sitting tight for the hose to get go back to you. Albeit each of the four smokers can’t smoke precisely in the meantime, a four hose hookah is intended to give an unmistakable, smooth taste for everybody.

Encounter the Convenience of a Four Hose Hookah

You’re accustomed to paying for all the more components for the most part means spending more cash. Be that as it may, with our hookahs, you can really spare a couple bucks. Large portions of our single, 2, or 3 hose hookahs effectively change over into a hookah with four hoses. You should simply reconfigure the stem connector that accompanies generally hookahs. It’s an awesome approach to spare!

Sparing cash some of the time implies you need to hold back on quality. That is not the situation with the hookahs at SouthSmoke.com-we select top brands to guarantee you get an extraordinary buy. Vapor Hookahs and Mya Saray are two noteworthy brands that produce untouchable four hose hookahs. Superb glass and metal materials make up every hookah. Many element at no other time seen outlines that genuinely make your hookah buy an exceptional masterpiece.


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