Ciroc Hookah | Liquor Bottle Hookah

ciroc hookah

Buy this Ciroc Bottle Hookah on Ebay 


ciroc bottle hookah

Buy this Ciroc Bottle Hookah on Ebay

liquor bottle hookah

Buy this Ciroc Bottle Hookah on Ebay




Looking for a ciroc hookah, we’ll look no further.

Are you tired of typical looking, traditional hookahs? Would you like a hookah that’s anything but normal? Check out our ciroc hookah for sale.

We have custom ciroc hookahs in a variety of colors and options.

Our ciroc bottle hookahs come with a ciroc bottle, tongs, hose, bowl, and coal tray.

Our ciroc hookahs are an excellent conversation piece as most people have never even seen one before

When packing your hookah bowl, we recommend that you pack it about 3/4ths of the way full for easy pulls and maximum flavor.

We also suggest that you use chilled water in the ciroc hookah for the best hookah smoking experience.

Our hookahs are good for personal use or to share with a friend.

As far as cleaning we suggest soaking all the pieces in warm soapy water.

Click the link in the description to visit our eBay page where you can purchase your own ciroc bottle hookah. If there is a specific color or bottle size you’d like feel free to message us and we’ll be sure to suit your needs.

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